Without a word.

What does it mean when one says “I MISS YOU” ? Miss - to yearn for. Could it have come from the thought of feeling incomplete, thus a missing part is felt? There might be something there. Usually, the people missed are those that have at one way or another successfully imprinted their mark on a person. One who has filled up a space hearts and minds of individuals or groups, which no one else can replace. And once that person leaves that space, there’s a void spot that creates a feeling of emptiness.

To feel this, a certain kind of attachment or connection must have been made, which disrupts the routine of an individual when removed from the picture. The detachment process and the adjustment to the change are those that make the whole situation difficult to deal with. The yearning for things to stay as they were. One thing that’s good to remember is that feeling incomplete is not synonymous to actually being incomplete. No matter how dire the yearning is, no matter how painful the void might cause, and no matter how inconvenient the adjustment stage is, one has not truly lost a piece of himself.

Do you really know that terrible and horrible feeling, missing someone? The person you miss is a hundred of miles away from you – not knowing what he’s doing? It’s just like bunking out your heart. The only thing you wanna do is – grap your mobile phone, dial his number, and call him – only to hear the voice of the person again. You really miss everything, even the most normal things like: phoning, driving in the car together, writting messages, smoking cigarettes, laughing together as you‘ll never every can stop, smelling the perfume, cuddling, holding hands, just beeing with the person you love.

But always remember, even if it’s hard. The glass is not half empty, it’s always half full. Looking at the bright side of things and thinking forward to the great time you’ll have when the person you love is back again - is always helpful to get through the missing stage.

14.7.09 15:54

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